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29 August

ENIT points to 25 worldwide locations!

New strategy for ENIT, that will bring l’Italy in 25 countries around the world!

“Advanced markets are consolidated, Why are those that require fewer resources, who know us and who then come more easily to us. But at the same time we must give impetus to the docks to be developed”, says Fabio Lake, Director of ’ Enit.

When the offices are:
9 in Europe with Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Madrid, Stockholm, Brussels and Lisbon.
12 Outside Europe with Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, Mumbai, Sydney, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires – you will join the new Office in Shanghai, Bangkok and Mexico City.

The 4 New Entry will be open all in the old continent Berlin, Amsterdam, Munich and Warsaw.
The new map will serve as a “consolidate the advanced markets of Europe and North America, they come from – precise Counsellor – l ’ 80% of tourists”, with a strategy that will combine “a differentiated and generational marketing” and l ’ intensifying diplomatic and consular network of Maeci.

To be continued… Stay Tuned!

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