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09 July

Italia_Croazia: The way to sustainable tourism

Last 4 and 5 July, the lagoon of Venice, it hosted the opening of Interreg Italy-Croatia "S.LI. DES ", with the aim of identifying smart strategies sustainable tourism in lively cultural destinations, improving governance of tourism and managing the human pressure on local natural and cultural heritage.

The 5 City involved in the project, all facing the Adriatic Sea, Venice, Ferrara, Bari, Dubrovnik, Sibenik hanno il compito di elaborare metodologie, Tools (as the Smart Destination Ecosystem) and strategies for promoting sustainability of tourism.

S.LI project. DES, the Venice City Council aims to improve pedestrian flow management and promote alternative itineraries, enhancing the exploitation of resources that characterize most l & #8217; identity of places (craft and creative industry), and promoting the sustainability and competitiveness of & #8217; local economy based on tourism.

Jobs that will continue to 30 months, until June 2021, and they will see experts from both countries work together to find workable solutions to be applied to the two coasts of & #8217; Adriatic.

Among the 11 project partners, even the Ciset, along with Ecipa, the learning company and services of CNA in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia; the Department of Physics of & #8217; University of Bologna, Turizam, l & #8217; Institute for tourism Zagreb; l & #8217; Institute for adult education subsidiary of #8217; l & River; the municipality of Venice; the municipality of Bari; SIPRO-l & #8217; territorial development agency in Ferrara; the Tourist Board of Šibenik and lasts, l & #8217; territorial development agency in Dubrovnik.

Stay tuned!


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