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27 February

Melia’ Choose travel agents!

Well Yes, Melia’ He wants the Travel agencies.

The Spanish chain, with more than 350 Hotels in 35 Countries and 6 Properties Italy.

There are many benefits to retailers:
- a real platform by reservation reserved for Agencies;
- a reward point program’ to earn points and get more discounts;
- a series of interactive e-training designed to “increase the knowledge of all brands of portfolio“.

L ’ intent is to “increase the volume generated by travel agents“, already today there are 550 worldwide agencies listed, “whose 62% – confirmation Palmiro Naik, l’area director Italy – use the tool constantly”.

This choice is not new for Melia’ Hotels International, that since 2014 dedicated to agencies MeliáPro, book platform “easy to use, with the best price and commissions from 12%” that, explains l ’ area director Italy, Palmiro Naik, allows “to work with both net rates than with commissionable rates”.

What about?!… Have a nice partnership!


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