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18 May

Give the 5 all’Venetian art

It is one of venice's most precious caskets. The historic walls of this former Great School, adornate di tele importantissime, a library and the vibrant cultural association active for Venetians and beyond. È la “Home" of a great masterpiece by Tintoretto, the shovel of the “Appearance of the Virgin in St Jerome“. È un patrimonio da custodire.

L’Athens Veneto, than for more than 200 years spreads culture in all its forms, has won our hearts and that's why we chose to support it, giving him the Our 5 X 1000.

You also choose The Sciences, Letters, The Arts, choose theATENEO VENETO ONLUS – a simple action, that will give fundamental help.

Nella tua dichiarazione dei Redditi, nello spazio per la destinazione del 5×1000 inserisci il codice fiscale dell’Ateneo Veneto 80010450270. For more details: Donate the 5th 1000 to the Veneto University.

What you're waiting for? Support the #8217;Athenae and Venetian culture.


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