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23 September

Started great with Feel&Taste Slovenia

Local food and wine excellence at the centre of Feel&Taste Slovenia, l’exclusive event organized in collaboration with Slovenian tourist agency in Italy, dedicated to tour operators and travel agents for the promotion of Slovenian tourist realities and its many interesting opportunities.

On the day of the 19 September 2019, 30 Travel agents took part in the’event organized in the picturesque location of the’St George's Island of Venice, attending presentations by Slovenian partners Hit-Universe of Fun and local tourism offices Brda, Vipavska Dolina and Nova Gorica.

"L’Slovenian Body pays great attention to the Trade and has completed several communication projects aimed at travel agencies and tour operators in north-east Italy. – says director Aljosa Ota – Following the theme of ’food and wine we turned to the travel agents of Veneto. Slovenia has been appointedEuropean Region of Gastronomy 2020-2021And with this’action we wanted to bring Slovenian excellence to the knowledge of the Italian public".

Commercial Tourism Italy has taken care of all the organizational and technical aspects of the’event, through ’careful promotion, selection invited tour operators and Scouting location.

Travel agencies: Stay tuned for the next event!

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