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Green Way, In

We at Commercial Tourism Italy care about the environment and for a long time!

Ci impegniamo quotidianamente per la sostenibilita' su tutti gli aspetti delle nostre attivita', in order to optimize consumption and reduce waste and plastic use as much as possible. As?!

We reach the office walking or cycling, weather and distances allowing

Favourite corporate medium: ours Sailing boat!

Even our sales blitz and site-inspection, that we do on public transport, are Sustainable

Our electricity is produced by ecological and certified sources

Ours coffee break, is worthy of Kings and Queens, only with ceramic cups – goodbye to disposable cups

Goodbye to disposable wipes, Only cotton towels for our hands

Not just greens, also "pink, or”: the 60% of our staff is woman!

From 10 years we have two special "green" collaborators, Ficus and Sansevieria, that with their natural properties purify the air of the office

We use and we recycle paper internally, reducing its waste

Always, for our Corporate welfare, Friday is a half-day for us!

Our working tools are certifiedEfficiency respect for the environment (ENERGY STAR, NEW) and compliance with product design criteria, energy consumption, chemical emissions, noise, recyclability and adherence to withdrawal programmes (BLUE ANGEL, C.)

Office always clean with biodegradable products, recognized by theEPA/Safer Choice for its online properties for human health and the environment. These products are also branded A.I.S.E., European certification for products that guarantee environmental standards, social and economic performance.

We prefer collaborations with local suppliers and their products.

We promote and share actions Safeguard environment, of our Seas and Animals.

In addition, We support initiatives FAI Italian Environment Fund, which – in particular - thanks to the Venice Delegation and the FAI Youth of Venice help to safeguard the city and its exceptional territory.

Stay Green, In!

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