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05 June


"The environment and nature, are essential to our life, We must safeguard them "... Many of us think, know this, We believe.
But how many people WE DO something? Even in our little?

The theme of this World day of & #8217; environment 2019 , hosted by the Chinese city of Hangzhou, is dedicated to the fight against & #8217; air pollution, to the current #BeatAirPollution.

L & #8217; air is our primary and vital resource, at the same time, an invisible killer: poisoned by pollutants, undermines our health and contributes to global warming.

In addition to & #8217; external pollution, It is also important’domestic pollution due to emissions from fuels used for heating and cooking of food, and this is where the global problem of smog is intertwined with that of poverty and social inequalities. The majority of deaths from domestic pollution occurs right in developing countries.

C & #8217; is a lot to do. The United Nations program for the Environment together with #8217; #8217 & & who campaign support; Breathe Life, pointing to mobilize citizens and institutions on this issue, to protect the health of all.

Political strategies and economic interests have certainly their weight, But what we believe is theindividual daily commitment, that individually may not sound like much ... But let us remember: We are almost 8 Billions of people around the world!



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