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29 July

The Poland focuses on Italian agencies

The Poland continues to invest in the trade, This is confirmed Barbara Minczewa, Director of & #8217; the Polish national tourist, illustrating the activities dedicated to the market, as Workshop and training: "we will have a second round of webinars that will start in October and a third in December, that will become even l & #8217; opportunity to turn the spotlight on Christmas markets, in recent years become one of the most popular products, already starting from may”.

More Repeater and active holidays are the new trends of the Italians in Poland!

It is a Country accessible, that today manages to attract the curiosity of a tourist more conscious and increasingly concerned all & #8217; active offer. “Italian tourists – explained – changed approach: do not arrive unprepared, already know what they want to see. They also increase the repeaters, choosing Poland for longer holidays, with a growing curiosity about the active tourism, linked to suburban and paths for cycling”.

The Italian market, Nell & #8217; incoming Polish, has been on the podium, in third place behind German and English. “Arrivals have doubled 10 years, going from 300 thousand of 2009 to the current 600,000”.


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