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27 May

Visit Britain for agencies

Britain loves Italy!
The Brexit, the resignation of Theresa May may not seem favourable, Actually, as stated by Silvia Bocciarelli – PR & content manager for VisitBritain in Italy – After a decline in early 2019, the numbers are returned from May to smile, with predictions for the 2019 indicating an increase in the 2% respect the 2018, reaching one million 853 thousand visitors from Italy.
Visit Britain believes in trade, that is becoming increasingly important for the Italian market and that is why investments are on the rise.

The objective is to offer products specifically for the Italian market, in order to facilitate Travel agencies and the Tour Operator in the sale. As?
First and foremost "reassuring travelers, showing them the face of Britain as an open destination, hospitable, offering different travel experiences ".

In addition, Brexit or not Brexit, "currently we have launched two separate campaigns: ' I Travel for ' and ' Don't miss the British Summer Campaign’.
Key segments on which we focus are those of Explorers and Buzzseekers, to whom you address an offer that has cells in culture, in active holidays and experiences its strengths, based on that adventure ' unexpected ' that connotes the stay in Britain”.

Stay tuned!

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