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08 February

Aaa Cercasi: “The Interpreter”

Well Yes, the new professional most sought after is just an interpreter… but not the usual!

English, Spanish, German, Japanese in this case are not so incomprehensible, in front of the raw data generated from Big Data; now, now also for Central world of travel.

Here is that the data scientist, will analyze and interpret these data, to make new strategies processing tool. This new profile no longer required in the next 5 years, as revealed in Corriere Economia, by Maria Grazia Mattei, founder of the platform of ideas and communication Meet Media Guru. The scientist will be central, explains Mattei, "to create new and new job even in the travel industry". Must, Add in the interview, "knowing how interrogate flows and information and draw marketing and communication strategies".

A figure so essential, in an industry like tourism, that relies increasingly on the collection of data by intercepting the desires, needs and habits to build customer loyalty. Lesson 1, finished… Stay tuned!


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