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26 June

The “Sentinels of the Sea” land in Veneto

“Sentinels of the sea” arrives, for the first time, exclusively on beaches of Veneto!
A scientific research project – that we are very keen – designed by the University of Bologna and promoted by Confturismo Confcommercio and, for monitor the health of our coasts.

From today, until 10 July the "watchmen" that will oversee the beaches Bibione, Eraclea and Chioggia will multiply. Will be the same as locals and tourists to contribute to the monitoring of our marine biodiversity, guided by biologist Arianna Abdul Salam.

How does that work?
By filling in questionnaires, the sentinels can report what they saw and what species abundance; allowing you to collect valuable data for research.

The Veneto, along with Calabria and Emilia Romagna, is one of the regions that make their debut this year, driving up to 11 the number of regions involved, with 50 tracking stations. In 2018 had been 23 participating resorts. In addition 400.000 contacts achieved during activity and almost 10.000 valid cards fill.

This year, the initiative will focus in particular on the issue ofplastic pollution.

A very important project for the Blue Economy and especially for the health of our seas. See you on the beach!


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