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13 November

Captive of the trips 2018!

A new year is approaching and we think already at what will be the most popular half for 2018…

Beautiful scenery and architecture, Growing countries, cultural phenomena and trends. To assist us in selecting c & #8217; is the Booking guide which identified the top ten most popular destinations.

From Japan to the United States here are the goals 2018:
Sapporo, mountainous landscape and the hot springs
Nashville, country music and scenery l & #8217; districts in animated entertainment
Bucharest, recommended for l & #8217; modern architecture and good food
for the natural landscape and sports
with its cultural diversity and endless activities on & #8217; Ocean
a relaxing holiday exploring the different beaches
Bogota, between colors, sounds and authentic local coffee l & #8217;, not forgetting l & #8217; hospitality
Portland, to explore by bike, Maybe stopping at downtown pubs
Lima, known as the gastronomic capital of & #8217; Latin America
Hanover, where you can walk the length and breadth of

Ready to go for your next trip?

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