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03 October

Venice: Reopen the historian “Bistro’ by Cici”!

Reopen the “Bistro Cici“… a new style for the Venice 60 years & #8217;!

The historic restaurant is known for its vivacity’ culture of the time, Thanks to groups q & #8217; intellectuals who found themselves in Dorsoduro…Peggy Guggenheim tells you something?!

The bistro, all & #8217; inside the renovated Health Palace Hotel 4 *, Yes, is open to guests but also wants to be of Venetians! Here you can delight with a contemporary Venetian break, all & #8217; full of tasty traditional dishes offered in terms of creative innovation.
And also here, as always it was for Serenissima, each product is q & #8217; excellence!

You know, in a Venetian Palace, can not miss the main floor which houses the here flamingos room, great to give a warm atmosphere in the cooler seasons.

A visit to Venice passes also through the knowledge of its cuisine and the influence that it has undergone over the centuries thanks to the courage of its sailors and merchants who have enriched thanks to youculinary discoveries during their long personal trips in the known world.

“We eat” in Venice, What is Venice!

hotel-salute-palace-venice-facciata dehor risotto nero seppia creativo Salute-Venezia


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